R & D

Research and Development for Contaminated Toxic Wastewater by AOP Technology

Development of Photo reactor for Toxic Wastewater & Contaminated Water Treatment

Treatment of Cyanide Polluted Water Streams using AOP Technology
Treatment of Pesticide Polluted Water Sources/ Streams using AOP Technology

  • Solution for Industrial Complications in Management and Treatment:
    • At Raw Effluent – source, Aeration, Bar Screening, Separation)
    •        At treatment Stage– Clarifiers, Settling Ponds, Bio-reactors and Digester
    • At Final stage – Polishing units, DM plants, UF, RO, Ozone System, Color & Odor Removal, Nutrient removal
    •        Sludge Management & utilization remedies
Development of greenbelt and corridors

  • Highway & Road Across cities (http://nationalgreenhighways.org/empanelment-status.php)
  • Townships  & Residential Colonies
  • Red  & Orange Category Industries